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Cat Dry Nose And Lethargic

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If your cat has a dry nose and is also lethargic, has a poor appetite or seems sick in any way, you should bring them to a vet. Even after a nice long nap or relaxing sunbathe, these cats will continue to be tired and not as active as they normally are.

Is A Dry Cat Nose A Cause For Concern

Ear mite, parasites, diseases of the gums and teeth.

Cat dry nose and lethargic. What else should i look for if my cat has a dry nose? However something must have taken effect overnight. A cat's nose leather should feel a lot like the inside of his ear.

In the meantime, wipe your cat's nose with a wet cotton ball several times a day to help with the. My 5 year old male cat was fine yesterday morning. Nose is dry, lethargic and sleeping a lot.

But so should any cat with those symptoms whose nose is not dry. If your cat’s nose is dry and he is showing signs of lethargy or has sunken eyes, then it is likely that your cat is seriously dehydrated and needs veterinary treatment. This morning he is completely lethargic.

Terribly lethargic and eating very little and skipping some meals. What is wrong with my angel? It's difficult to tell the cause without paying attention to the other signs.

Why is my cat lethargic? If he hasn't been tested for feline leukemia and fiv recently, i would be concerned about those viral diseases, too. There is no hard and fast moisture standard for cat noses, your feline’s nose should never be so dry that it appears cracked, red, scaly or painful.

Behaviors of a lethargic cat. Fevers are a common cause of lethargy, and might be the result of an infection. In general, lethargic cats with poor appetite and dry noses can suffer from dehydration or fever.

It is a whole other matter if the warm and dry nose of your cat appears in combination with other issues such as lethargy, loss of appetite, vomiting, and diarrhea. In addition to all of the above, the cause. However, if we are to know whether the cat actually has a fever, we need to check their temperature using a thermometer which will need to be inserted into the rectum for an accurate reading.

Dehydration can often occur if your cat has been vomiting, has had diarrhea, or has had a poor appetite for a while. We're going on about 3 days he has been lethargic laying in my bed and moving around very little. She sits in a meatloaf position often, and takes a while to get comfortable.

Cat dry nose not eating. Fiesta is also slowly losing weight. When kittens are first born, they are completely dependent on their mothers for everything.

If your cat is sleeping all day and not eating or generally just seems like he's not feeling well, there's a good chance he may be sick. A lethargic cat will have an extended period of weakness, depression, or lack of energy. Maine coon he's 3 or 4 years old.

My cat is lethargic, has a dry nose, sleeps a lot, and stays. I would set him on his feet to have a feel of his ribs and stomach, checked his limbs, mouth, ears. He won't get up from his spot and keeps sleeping.

If in this case your cat is weak and lethargic as well as having a dry nose, they may have a fever and be suffering from some pathological problem. Cats with lethargy are sick and typically there are other warning signs that something is wrong. Cats' noses aren't normally cold & wet, like a dog's nose would be, but they shouldn't be dry to the point of cracking either.

12 year old male cat mixed with bobcat will not eat drink water for 2 days , large. It might be that experienced cat owner can determine whether a cat has a fever or is dehydrated, but if we want to be certain, the best way is to consult a veterinarian. He seems almost lifeless and barely responsive.

And there are many reasons your cat can have a dry, warm nose that have nothing to do with health. A lethargic or sedated cat is frequently a sick cat. She eats dry food, refuses to eat wet food.

Poor air circulation in the home; You should always pay attention to your cat’s eating habits, as they can give you some insight into how your cat is feeling. Other possibilities with an outside cat include eating something that didn't agree with him (plants, dead animals, antifreeze, etc).

It will make the bridge of your cat’s nose appear wet. Too much time spent near a heat source, such as a vent or lying in the sun; Lethargy is a common symptom of many health problems, including kidney disease, diabetes, and food poisoning.

She's eating and drinking just fine, but i have no idea what's going on with her. A cat's hot and dry nose (against the background of a general increase in body temperature) may be due to: If your cat seems to have low energy and isn't as interested in their daily routines, they might be lethargic.

However, it is crucial to understand that if your cat shows any other symptoms like lethargy, lack of appetite, excessive sneezing, and discharge, you should consult a vet, as these could point out underlying issues. Any cat with a dry nose who is lethargic, has a poor appetite or seems sick in any way should see a vet. But if you're used to feeling a wet cat nose when your kitty gives you kisses, you may worry if she suddenly has dry nose.

To treat a cat with a stuffy nose, check its eyes and nose for clear or cloudy discharge, which is a sign of an upper respiratory infection. It boils down to this: Why is my cat so lethargic all of a sudden?

That will frequently cause a cat to feel poorly, run a fever, and be lethargic. Some cats tend to have dry noses as a physical characteristic. My cat has been lethargic and dry nose.

If a cat misses a meal or doesn’t eat for one day, 9 times out of 10 it isn’t a medical emergency. Also, you should start worrying if noticing changes in nose color and texture, including the occurrence of cracks, flakes, sores, or crusts. The fact that he is eating very little and is lethargic makes me.

Cats sweat from very few places on the body—only from hairless areas such as pawpads and possibly the nose. Examine your feline friend for any of these symptoms:

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