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Why Is My Cat Shaking Her Head

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My 13 year old female cat has had a few occassions where her head randomly trembles or shakes. She's only had the fluid problem for a day and a half.

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Why does cat keep shaking head?

Why is my cat shaking her head. Mites, infections or foreign bodies. Commonly, feline shaking its head is attributed to the following factors: Something stuck inside the ear (foreign body) ear injury;

A cat shaking or tilting its head can be a symptom of an ear infection or a toxin in its ears. Whether the issue is an underlying ear infection or a more serious condition, you will want to get to the bottom of it quickly and consult your veterinarian so that you can. Occasional head shaking is perfectly normal but if your cat suddenly starts shaking their head a lot more than usual it's likely to indicate a problem such as:

If your cat is holding its head on an angle and having trouble keeping its balance, it may be suffering from vestibular syndrome. Your cat will not just shake its head for no reason. The first two times it happened i thought maybe her ear was itchy and she was going to scratch it.

This has been going on for a month. The cat might briefly shake his head. Your cat relies on her ears to maintain balance and general awareness of the environment.

A cat head shaking like parkinson’s should be a reason for concern and immediate attention. If your cat seems unwell, you should take them to see a veterinarian as infections that are left untreated can cause complications and are sometimes fatal. If your cat is shaking their head without stimulus (like petting or scratching) or if this is a new behaviour, you should take your cat to the vet for a checkup asap.

Check the inside of the cat’s ears by putting the cat in your lap and flipping over its ear flap. If you notice your pet cat shaking her head repeatedly for no apparent reason at all, you should bring her to the vet at once because it could be a sign of health conditions like feline infectious peritonitis, insulinoma, or cerebellar hypoplasia. Reasons for cat shaking head.

It is probably a way of distracting themselves from feeling the discomfort or pain. A lump (growth) in the ear Cats with cat flu can shake their head in an attempt to clear mucus from their nose.

My indoor cat shakes her head, and a clear fluid comes out. Among the potential causes of the issue of cat head shaking like parkinson's, feline infectious peritonitis (fip) rarely happen to the average household cats. Infection, swelling or parasitic infestation of the ear canal can be extremely uncomfortable and disconcerting for your pet.

She was treated for fleas on may 19th with advantage. There is no smell, and her ear looks normal. Mites, infections or foreign bodies.

Why do cats shake their heads? All of these symptoms mean different things. A cat that has suddenly taken to shaking his/her head incessantly could have a medical condition that could range from minor to serious and require veterinary attention.

Your vet will have eliminated the usual ear irritations: As other answers mention, another reason why a cat may shake their head is itchiness in or around the ear/head area, which could be a symptom of a number of conditions. Allergic or inflammatory skin disease;

There can be several reasons for a cat to be shaking his/her head. Cat keeps shaking her head. Also called cerebellar or intention tremors, they are an additional result of damage to the cerebellum.

A true ear infection may not be the culprit, but even if it were, over the counter ear drops might not be effective for the type of infection your cat has and could cause side effects such as deafness if the ear drum is damaged, so don't delay in scheduling an appointment with your regular veterinarian to get your cat's head shaking. There are other direct medical reasons why a cat might shake his or her head persistently, which i list below. Vestibular syndrome is a condition that cause your cat to stumble, fall, list to one side, or tilt its head.

Her head keeps shaking uncontrollably. If you see your cat shaking his head frequently, it's a symptom of a medical issue that could be caused by a number of health conditions ranging from minor to serious. Once contracted, fip would cause head shaking, bobbing and seizures.

You may notice other symptoms such as a strong smell in the infected area, poor appetite, or lethargy. As far as i know and have seen this is the third time this has happened. Another source of head shaking is upper respiratory infections, particularly involving the nasal sinuses.

Severe pain can also cause head tremors and may explain the involuntary “cat shaking head” phenomenon. It just happened a few minutes ago. The tremors, which range in severity, usually occur when the cat is.

That is my personal theory. For me, the reason why they do it is to remove transient pain or discomfort. Cats with ear issues often paw or scratch at their ears and shake their head.

Tremors are hereditary meaning that your cats keeps shaking her head simply because she inherited the genes from her parents. Your vet will have eliminated the usual ear irritations: Whether your cat's head tremors are caused by ear mites, an infection, or a critical issue such as infectious peritonitis, it's vital to seek veterinary treatment.

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